Wednesday, October 7, 2009

guinea fowl, ayam api api, ayam mutiara

What is guinea fowl/ayam api api/ayam mutiara?
The guineafowl (sometimes called guineahen) are a family of birds in the Galliformes order, although some authorities (for example the American Ornithologists' Union) include the guineafowl as a subfamily, Numidinae, of the family Phasianidae.
Where it origin?
The guineafowl are native to sub sahara west Africa, but the Helmeted Guineafowl has been domesticated and both feral and wild-type birds have been introduced elsewhere.
How to identify sex of guinea fowl?
Sexing guineas is not easy to do by looking at the birds, although in older adults the helmet and wattles of the males are usually larger. The easiest way to sex them is by voice. Both males and females make a single syllable, machine-gunlike alarm call, but only the females have a two syllable call. It sounds like they're saying "buck-wheat."
How to acclametize guinea fowl?
The best way to acclimate them is to pen them where they can see the area where they'll be living. After they've been penned a week or two, let one out. Guineas hate to be alone, so that one won't go far, but it will learn its way around your place. After a few days, let another out to run with it. If they stay around it's usually safe to let the rest out soon thereafter.
What are the benefits of guinea fowl to agriculture?
These unusual birds are quite interesting in that their increasing role on the farm has taken on many purposes in today’s diversified livestock community. In addition to egg- laying and breeding stock production, one of the foremost uses for these animals today is for pest and rodent control. Guinea fowl, both male and female, are particularly adept at rooting out vermin such as mice and rats, and are even known to chase down and kill snakes. As well as keeping pests out of their environment, Guinea Fowl have been incredibly successful at ridding forested properties/farms of many types of bugs, particularly the deadly Deer Tick, which can carry Lyme Disease resulting in paralysis and death amongst other forms of livestock. This purpose in particular, has given the Guinea Fowl a widespread and excellent reputation, allowing the breed to rise above its former meat production-only function. Although raised for meat and considered a delicacy in Europe, the Guinea Fowl seems to, through their display of intelligence and multifunction, have risen above the stature of ‘meat-bird’.

pied royal purple

pied coral blue

pied lavender

Varieties of guinea fowl?
there are alots of colors and varieties of guinea fowl in the world and can be catogeries in three
1) Fully Pearled (dotted)
2) Partially Pearled
3) Solid


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